what is fusion?

The City of Ferndale Parks and Recreation Department and The Fit Park partnered together to create the first annual Ferndale Fusion Fitness Festival! A fun, healthy and inclusive environment, in one location, to showcase and provide health and wellness opportunities throughout the community for all ages.

Ferndale’s Fusion Festival will be held at Martin Road Park, Ferndale’s largest and most utilized park by multiple communities.  The Fusion Festival will cater to all demographics and is anticipated to draw over 1,200 attendees throughout the Metro-Detroit area. The event targets all ages (0-100), showcasing various physical activities that cater to parents, toddlers, school age children, young & older adults and seniors. This event is inclusive to the entire community. The festival will host various fitness performances from local, independently owned gyms & fitness companies on multiple stages throughout the day. New & popular classes, including, CrossFit, Bootcamps, Senior Aerobics, Yoga, and much more will be performed and available for crowd participation

Participants will have the opportunity to experience a wide range of fitness classes, fashion, health tips & awareness by local gyms, instructors, vendors, and exposure to nearby health care providers and available care. This event will be like no other. We believe we share a common goal – to be the trailblazers in the health & fitness community by focusing on extraordinary outcomes through education, innovation, and compassion